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IWT Health is a mission-driven organization dedicated to fostering economic growth, promoting health equity, and empowering the Ocala community. We aim to achieve these goals through a multifaceted approach that encompasses innovative software solutions, tailored healthcare support, and community resource connectivity.

To stimulate economic growth in Ocala, we are actively adapting our core software applications, such as BedReady, to the equine industry. This expansion will introduce our proven solutions to a new market, generating revenue that will fuel our nonprofit initiatives. The generated revenue will be reinvested into the Ocala community, supporting local residents by connecting them with essential resources, including food and transportation.

Through our software adaptations, healthcare support, and community resource connectivity initiatives, IWT Health is poised to make a profound impact on Ocala. We are driven by a passion for creating a healthier, more equitable, and prosperous community for all.

  • BedReady:  Capacity management/patient flow software for medium and large hospitals.
  • Electronic nurse unit whiteboards:  Provides visual awareness of key patient attributes for hospital staff.  We plan to adapt this application to serve the equine industry.
  • Nursing mobile patient care application:  Enhances nursing documentation and integrates with EHR systems.