The Power Plant Business Incubator

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A Vision For Ocala

The Power Plant Business Incubator is dedicated to propelling the success of both nascent and established entrepreneurs by providing them with the essential resources and guidance they need to navigate the entrepreneurial journey, from conception to expansion.

Our incubator campus is strategically situated in the heart of downtown, adjacent to the Ocala Metro CEP and within walking distance of the bustling downtown and Historic District. This dynamic location fosters collaboration and innovation, while offering convenient access to a thriving community.
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Community Engagement

Mission: The Power Plant's mission is to foster a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship, where nurturing environments and sustainable systems are cultivated. We strive to attract, support, and propel startups towards success, driving economic growth and positive impact within our community.

Vision: We envision the Power Plant as the epicenter of entrepreneurial activity in the region. By providing valuable resources, connections, and support, we aim to empower entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and aspirations to translate their ideas into thriving businesses.
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The Power Plant Business Creation Team: Fueling Entrepreneurial Success

The Power Plant Business Incubator (PPBI) boasts a dedicated team of professionals passionate about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. This dynamic group, comprised of the VP of Business Creation, Director of Business Creation, and the Director of the IMPACT Initiative, works tirelessly to provide aspiring businesses with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Together, these three individuals form the backbone of the Power Plant's Business Creation Team. Their unwavering commitment, combined with their diverse expertise, creates an environment where entrepreneurial dreams take flight and contribute to the economic prosperity of the community.
Evelyn Reyes, Vice President Business Creation
VP of Business Creation

Evelyn Reyes

352.629.8051 x108

Evelyn Reyes - VP of Business Creation

Evelyn brings over 20 years of experience as a senior-level business executive in economic development, procurement, supplier diversity, advertising, marketing, and communications. She is a tenacious and dynamic leader with a strong ability to establish long lasting relationships delivering results and has a strong drive to make an impact within the business community.
Jessica Michel
Director of Business Creation

Jessica Michel

352.629.8051 x124

Jessica Michel - Director of Business Creation

A native of Ocala, Jessica Michel brings a passion for community development and entrepreneurial support to her role as Director of Business Creation at The PPBI. With a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management from the College of Central Florida, Jessica has grown within the organization, starting as a Business Services intern and steadily progressing to her current position.
Cherrietta Prince
Director of IMPACT Initiative

Cherrietta Prince

352.629.8051 x123

Cherrietta Prince - Director of IMPACT Initiative

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Cherrietta brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role as Director of the IMPACT Initiative. Having spent half of her entrepreneurial journey as a college professor, Cherrietta nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit in countless individuals, guiding them towards establishing successful ventures.
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700 + Jobs Created

Since launching in 2012 The Power Plant Business Incubator has been a catalyst for generating 700+ jobs!
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36 Graduates

Through our Power Plant Partner program, we have identified 36 innovative, scalable, coachable companies that have graduated here at The Power Plant
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1200+ Entrepreneurs Assisted

We provide business consulting to entrepreneurs to guide them in launching and growing a successful company. We have assisted over 1200 entrepreneurs